belong before you believe

come as you are

The church can be a scary place to visit, so – we want you to know that you’re welcome, as you are to join us.  There are no prerequisites to using your gifts and participating in with our community. Our hope is to foster a safe space for you to discover who God is, and how this God has created you as a beloved and nothing less.  Sunday we will celebrate with song, hear a short message, and greet each other with a high five. 

Coffee Bean

come as you are

No need to dress up, just rock those favorite pair of jeans and some sneakers.

Coffee Bean

introverts welcome

You won’t be called out for being a first-timer, we promise.

Coffee Bean

all can gather

Radical hospitality is a practice of our community. Show up as a stranger, leave as a neighbor.

the details

So, you’re thinking about coming – here’s what you need to know. 

Sunday // 10AM // 910 south harrison


the parking

Parking is easy, we have it covered for free.  Just park in the lot next to the theater.

Center Church


Missed a sermon? No biggie – catch up on our podcast.  Make sure you leave us a review, we’ll be grateful for your positive feedback. 

visit a gathering




910 South harrison



office address

910 south harrison,

richmond, va 23220


(804) 250-5109