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get involved in community

Center Church believes that the church is better every day of the week rather than just one day a week.  We have created “Hangs”, a social space for you to connect with new people. HANGS are led by people in the church and have been intentionally designed to foster community. Hangs consist of HANG OUTS (social meet ups around town), EATS (eating food around the table) and SERVES (connecting friends with nonprofits to volunteer). 


Hangs are social gatherings that happen throughout our city. Maybe you want to meet up with some folks and go to Top Golf, maybe you want to go to Veil Brewery for a beer – this is the space to both host and join.


There is something supernatural that takes place when we eat around a table with one another – soon the stranger is made into the neighbor.  Eats are intentional hosted meals that happen throughout our city.  If you have a passion for hospitality this is your place to host a meal, if you just like to eat… sign up to join an Eats. 


Volunteering is the heartbeat of our church. we believe that we are part of the transformational movements here in our city. we offer opportunities throughout the city to volunteer with friends. You can either host an opportunity, or join in on the fun of using your gifts and talents for God’s kingdom. 

small groups

We believe that formation in the context of community is the best way to grow in your faith. We have developed an 8-9 week system of small groups. These small groups run on the semester: fall, spring, and summer. We have groups ranging from book topics to interests. As our church grows, this is a great way to meet people and to learn more about Jesus. Our small groups are a fun, safe environment for you to be uniquely yourself and grow towards God. We hope you’ll join us, sign up below.

volunteer on a sunday

We want you to lead. You are allowed to lead at Center Church, you’re expected to lead. No matter who you are, or even what you believe – you can participate in the movements of God’s kingdom. ALL ARE WELCOME TO LEAD AT CENTER CHURCH. All you have to do is have a willingness to allow God to use you. Sign up below to get started. 

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