Empowering people towards a life-giving journey with Jesus.


Lead transformational God movements at the center of our hearts, our circles, and our city.


everyone can gather and everyone matters.

Everyone is accepted at Center Church. We want people to be known for who they are and where they’re going. Each of us plays a unique role in making transformation a reality. We believe in a space that offers radical hospitality through excellence with Grace, equality, and love.


empower transformation to lead transformation. (romans 12:1-2)

We believe that growth leads to influence in people’s lives.  When we take the transformation of Jesus seriously, we can’t help but to be an influence to those in and around our circle. We will seek transformation, to lead transformation of our friends, our neighborhoods, our city and our world. Everyone is expected to seek personal development and growth to be active participators in what God is doing.


we will be givers to be growers. (2 corinthians 9:5-7)

We believe that radical giving of our time, resources, talents, and life leads to growth in our heart. That by very literally giving ourselves, we’re allowing God to fill our hearts.  We live in a reality of consumerism, where we give in order to get something in exchange. This type of consumerism leaves us wanting more.  However, when we give to others for transformation we experience lasting change in our heart. By giving, we’re extending our reach and circle to those around us and our city.  We are partnering with the movements of God.


a church every day rather than one day(acts 2:46-47)

We are called to be the church wherever we gather.  We believe that it is not enough to gather simply once a week, rather that it’s better to be a church every day of the week.  Sunday represents only a piece of who we are, and what we’re called to be. We will be aware of our calling to be transformational, and our vision to expand our reach in this city and beyond. To care well for those that are oppressed and voiceless, every single day.


we celebrate unity in the midst of diversity. (philippians 2:2)

We all have different stories, backgrounds, and ideas—that is what makes us the beautiful collective known as The Church.  We will celebrate our unity despite our differing views on life, love, and theology.   Though we live in a world that creates tension and difference, we will strive for God’s kingdom.  We may disagree on the nuances of scripture or life itself, but we will celebrate and recognize our diversity and choose to value the Kingdom movements already taking place here in Richmond. We will be defined by our unity of love, being in one spirit and our purpose.