it came to where i was

Written by Rachel Jones

March 26, 2020

As social distancing becomes a common practice due to this pandemic, during times of stress and uncertainty, we tend to feel isolated and lonely. But by distancing ourselves, we are not only contributing to a societal act but a prophetic act that demonstrates solidarity and communion with those on the physical margins and with our marginalized neighbors. Of course, this doesn’t make it any easier. Anxiety. Chaos. Grief. Hopelessness. Lament. All these words have described the current state of my mind and spirit during this crisis in our world. It leaves the question, “Where is God?” Where does God fit in within this devastating time in our society? We expect and have faith that God will do big things in our cities and our world, but God doesn’t always overpower our fears by shouting at us- but by calling us closer.

Basking in God’s greatness calls us closer. Let God whisper to you.  Breathe. And then breathe some more.”

In 1 Kings chapter 19, after the earthquake and the fire came a gentle whisper. God is calling us all closer in this time of the unknown. One truth that I feel deeply in my bones is that though this may be a wild time for ministry, it challenges us as believers in a very real way to get intimate with our Creator. Spiritual practice during this period of self-isolation may look different for everyone. 


Acts 11:5 “. . . and it came to where I was.”

the practice

One way I believe everyone should try at least once is meditation- and yes, outside. Sit in the grass, feel the earth beneath you. Allow the sun to caress your skin. Let the wind wrap around you like a blanket. Being one with the Earth is basking in God’s greatness. Basking in God’s greatness calls us closer. Let God whisper to you.  Breathe. And then breathe some more. 



God transform our hearts during this time of crisis. Help us to see less of what we need and more of what are neighbors need. Though we are self-isolated we are not isolated from You. Meet us where we are here in our cities and our world. Let us lament for those on the margins and grieve for those deeply affected by this pandemic. We pray for healing Father God. We ache to draw near to You however that may look moving forward. Let Your spirit overwhelm us.


In Your mighty name,