digital church

in rva as it is in heaven

our next gathering will be live at albert hill middle school

We would love to have you join us, Sunday at 10:00am, Albert Hill Middle School.

You can RSVP with the link below. 

Please have bread and wine/juice on hand to participate in our Communion liturgy. Feel free to join with family, roommates or friends!

small groups

Small groups are where faith and relationships are explored in the context of community. Our small groups will be focused on the same curriculum, church-wide. So, we will be connected, even when we’re apart in different groups. Groups will be 10-15 people and will follow all CDC guidelines. Also, we offer both online and physically distanced in-person groups.

This small group series will be focused on Lent and the Lenten series. We hope you’ll consider joining. No biblical training is necessary.


Hangs are social gatherings that happen throughout our city. Maybe you want to meet up with some folks and go to Top Golf, maybe you want to go to Veil Brewery for a beer – this is the space to both host and join. While we social distance, we’re offering hangs digitally with a trivia night, every Tuesday. 

center kids online

We have uploaded some fun family lessons, videos, crafts and devotionals.  We hope you’ll enjoy. This is a great opportunity to dive deeper as a family into Jesus’ way. 

get involved w/ center church

We want you to lead. You are allowed to lead at Center Church, you’re expected to lead. No matter who you are, or even what you believe – you can participate in the movements of God’s kingdom. ALL ARE WELCOME TO LEAD AT CENTER CHURCH. All you have to do is have a willingness to allow God to use you. Sign up below to get started.