We hope you consider joining us throughout Advent as we journey towards the birth of Jesus. For us, at Center Church, we believe that Advent is an important anticipation for the Christ Child to be born.  It is at the birth of the Christ Child that darkness is dismantled and the light of Hope springs forth into creation.  Help us celebrate and incarnate that very light as we celebrate each week during the month of December.  Our gatherings will happen every Sunday at 10A at the Grace St. Theater. All are welcome, and you can come as you are – we’ll save you a seat. 

advent devotional

Join us as we journey through the advent calendar with this devotional.  This beautiful compilation is derived from the people that call center church home and is designed to lead you through the celebration of advent. Each week use the excerpt to reflect upon the topic at hand as we journey towards the birth of the Christ Child. We have physical copies available at every Sunday gathering at the Grace St. Theater, so feel free to pick one up for your coffee table.  In the meantime, feel free to download this pdf below.