volunteering is the heartbeat of our church. we believe that we are part of the tranformational movements here in our city.  we offer opportunities throughout the city and on sunday to use your gifts. 

Center Kids volunteers are fun, vibrant, and love our young friends.  This team of volunteers are committed to the development and care of both children and families.  The goal of Center Kids is to create an environment that celebrates and leads our kids and families towards a creative God. Our hope is to be a resource to families within Richmond and a safe place for our young friends to develop into all that God has created them to be.

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Our friendly First Impressions Team cares deeply about making church easy. This team is comprised of parking volunteers, greeters, information desk folks, ushers, and refreshments team.  This role is perfect for anyone that finds life through hospitality and giving to others. The Goal of this team is to lead people to Jesus through incredible life-giving hospitality.  We believe that hospitality is repeated and our hope is to put a smile on the face of our guest.

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The production team are the behind the scenes heroes that make the service run seamless and smooth. These volunteers are passionate about both audio and visual effects and aren’t afraid to touch the wrong button.   By pursuing excellence in production this team helps empower and lead others to a rich and full Jesus experience.

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Our Post Service volunteers stay after gatherings to pack up Bibles, toys, and banners, among other things, so that Grace Street Theatre can host classes and events throughout the week. This team is organized, efficient, and thorough. Grace Street Theatre has graciously welcomed Center Church and our volunteers acknowledge that this is a shared space. Each week the Post Service team strives to leave the space in a better condition than when Center Church arrived.

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We need people just like you, everyday, ordinary people doing God’s extraordinary work. Regardless of where or who you are, you play a vital role in being a part of this expression of Jesus known as the church.  Join us as we serve and love our neighbors within the walls of Center Church.
A first serve is an opportunity for you to test drive a particular area to serve by shadowing someone already in that role.  Don’t worry, you won’t hit the wrong button or launch a missile into space. We want to create an environment where you can find your gifts, calling and live into who God has created you to be. fill out the sign-up forms below and someone will reach out to you.